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Predion produces white papers and other research documents designed to help senior executives understand the value of modern AI in optimizing key business decisions that rely on predicting demand.


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Strategy Briefs:

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Accelerating Your Recovery From COVID-19

Practical low-cost steps that can be taken in the short term to help prepare for a future recovery

Optimizing Field-Service Footprint Decisions

Practical AI tools play an important role in improving the profit impact of these high stakes decisions.

Now For The Hard Part

The best grocery operators will use ‘Practical AI’ to adapt in the face of dramatic changes to customer behavior and operational realities.


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Learning Sideways

With upended historical demand accuracy and ever changing predictive data points, impactful forecasting requires a new manner of learning.

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AI For Labor Optimization

Practical AI doesn’t only apply to massive, complex problems -- some of the most effective applications answer questions as simple as: how many people should work next Friday?

White Papers:

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Better Decisions are in Demand

How to successfully capture the opportunity to increase profits through better demand-based decision making.

Making AI Make Money

A practical guide for CEOs to cut through the AI hype cycle and drive profitable initiatives

Delivering Better Fulfillment Decisions

How modern AI tools can optimize fulfillment decisions and increase profits.

Demanding Better Labor Decisions

How to successfully apply AI to increase profits, and answer questions like 'how many people should we have working?'.

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