Making AI make money for you

We help companies make more money by using state-of-the-art AI to improve decisions about labor, inventory and production.

Our cloud-based software tools combine cutting edge forecasting technology with a sophisticated economic analysis engine to capture this opportunity


Born from a passion about the ways that practical AI can solve real business problems today, Predion’s AI platform is helping leading companies improve the profitability of the decisions they make hundreds and thousands of times a day.

New AI breakthroughs and data sources
lead to better decision making

Real world success

Predion solves your real world problems because it was built in partnership with major companies like you.

Major Travel/Leisure Company

With a complex operational environment this company wanted to optimize how their staff was deployed across many possible venues.  Predion technology identified 5-10% revenue increase potential.

Leading Restaurant Operator

Operating across North America, this company wanted to increase revenue capture while controlling unnecessary labor waste.  Predion technology identified over $20MM a year in profit opportunity. has unique origins.

Created inside - a studio that creates high-performing AI software companies


Pre-built AI building blocks in:
Machine Vision, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Data APIs.


Former executives of large global enterprises and a team of high performing data scientists and software engineers


Over $70MM in capital from top institutions and venture firms, deployed to build new AI solutions for customers

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