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Making AI make money for you

Predion was built to help leading organizations capitalize on two converging trends: (i) changing consumer behavior patterns which are degrading the accuracy of traditional demand forecasting efforts, and (ii) significant analytical advances driven by new forms of data and modern AI techniques.


Our cloud-based software tools improve the profitability of labor, inventory, fulfillment, pricing and production decisions, which are all guided by demand projections but can also influence downstream demand in material ways. We combine cutting-edge forecasting technology with a robust economic analysis engine to consider these factors and generate decisions that are truly optimized for profit.

Real world success

Predion solves your real world problems because it was built in partnership with major companies like you.

Leading Restaurant Operator

A $2Bn national chain with an existing mature workforce management process sought to further optimize operations. Predion integrated with existing back-end systems and processes to demonstrate an $8MM annual profit impact from (i) eliminating labor waste and (ii) adding targeted labor to capture additional profit.

Major Travel/Leisure Company

A $10Bn organization with a complex operational environment wanted to optimize how their staff was deployed across many possible venues. Predion technology identified an opportunity to increase annual revenue by 5-10%. has unique origins.

Created inside - a studio that creates high-performing AI software companies


Pre-built AI building blocks in:
Machine Vision, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Data APIs.


Former executives of large global enterprises and a team of high performing data scientists and software engineers


Over $70MM in capital from top institutions and venture firms, deployed to build new AI solutions for customers

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