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Accelerating your recovery from COVID-19 - practical advice

Increase revenue 
and reduce costs

We help leading companies optimize their labor, inventory, fulfillment, pricing and production decisions with state-of-the-art AI

Don't make today's decisions with yesterday's technology

Customer Behavior is Changing

Whether it's omni-channel shopping, delivery-and-takeout or social influence, major shifts in consumer behavior are disrupting a wide spectrum of key decisions that rely on predicting demand.

New Forms of Data

It's not just about historical sales any more. Now, non-traditional data sources such as images, videos, text, and device exhaust can help companies gain new insights to inform their predictions and decisions.

New AI Breakthroughs

Rapid advances in AI techniques are enabling companies to detect subtle demand patterns across multiple locations and SKUs, as well as to automatically learn more and refine decision-making over time.

Predion combines a state-of-the-art forecasting engine with a sophisticated economic analysis engine to generate profit-optimized decisions for labor, inventory, fulfillment, pricing and production


Start optimizing your labor, inventory, and production decisions today

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