Increase revenue 
and reduce costs

We help retailers, restaurants and resorts optimize their labor, production and inventory decisions with state-of-the-art AI.

Don't make today's decisions with yesterday's technology

New threats and opportunities mean it's time to reevaluate your approach

Customer Behavior is Changing

Whether it's omni-channel shopping, delivery-and-takeout or social influence, major shifts in consumer behavior are disrupting decisions that rely on predicting demand.

New Forms of Data

It's not just about sales history any more.  Leading companies are finding that non-traditional data sources such as images, videos, text, and device exhaust can help them gain new sources of insight to inform their predictions and decisions.

New AI Breakthroughs

Rapid advances in AI techniques are giving us new abilities to detect subtle demand patterns across multiple locations and SKUs, as well as to automatically learn more and refine decision-making over time.

Improve performance in multiple areas:

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Sell more at less cost with better labor planning

Understaffing leads to frustrated customers and lost sales. Overstaffing leads to wasted labor expenses. Predion leads your business to the right staffing levels.

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Stock items that are hot, drop items that are not

Predion levels the playing field for brick-and-mortar retailers by leveraging data across all store locations and online sales to recommend the best inventory quantities and mix.

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Produce the right amount at the right time

Whether it's baking bread or prepping for the lunch rush, Predion helps you determine the right amount of perishable items to produce at what times to maximize profitability.

Predion makes it easy and fast


Predion plugs into your existing supply chain or workforce management processes, using existing data from your POS, inventory, and customer systems enriched with public and proprietary data sources such as weather and events.


Predion brings a single-minded focus to improving the decision step in your business processes. We apply cutting-edge AI and machine learning to help drive your forecasting work and determine the right trade-offs to maximize profitability.


Predion is deployed rapidly, ensuring a fast return on investment. Further, our strong understanding of real world business process and practical orientation means we ensure decision-makers get just what they need, when they need it, the way they need it.

Start optimizing your labor, inventory, and production decisions today

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